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Lance infront of the moon by JoordyPol
Lance infront of the moon
so today i decided to practice drawing cloths more detailed, and it worked out fine so went on coloring  and such and end result is this
Lance Started a Fire? by JoordyPol
Lance Started a Fire?
So yeeeehhh I Started Drawing and didnt Have any guide or what i wanted to draw . Except for the fact that it had to be Lance !
So i was just drawing and ended up on a this pose On a building With fire and Bla End Result !
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
My name Jake, I am A 21 year Old Guy, I have always Been dreaming ,
Every Day, Every Night, all the time . When I was a child I always Dreamed
great dreams, In those dreams I had always had a friend , Its been the
same friend every dream , We seemed to be the same age , even Now. we
still are. Ofcourse back then me and him were just children , We Played
Games Like tag, Made Our own Fanatsys come true, Like riding a Horse.
Or Being Hero's Who save a town. What ever you Childmind Could think of.

Like i said before , I dream day and Night , But Even so I still needed
to go to school, Like every other kid, Its not Like I was sleeping during
the day, and My parents ofcourse Wanted the best for me. So sending
me to school and such was only natural. even though at school i was always
day dreaming, It didnt affect me and my learning for some wierd reason.
If i was daydreaming it was always about school and My friend was always
there with me. It doesnt matter really, In didnt really knew the diffrence
back then.

time passed by as My dreams and Life were going Fine, But things changed
quickly. After I entered Middle School things changed quickly.
I never really needed friends Since I had that one friend who was always
with me. I didnt realize it back then But when i was daydreaming I seemed
Like i was fully Consious. While in reality i wasnt. When i walked through
Halls, Sat in the class rooms,I was always talking to someone, who was
never really there. Though i seemed to have entire conversations.
the Other kids found it wierd, But they didnt do anything against it.
up until That one day . I was half through My first year Middleschool
and as it seemed The upper classmen Soon found out about Me talking to

I was walking through The Correndors of the school when a group of
Bullies surrounded me and my 'friend'. i didnt care so i just tried to pass
through. at that moment the guy Grabbed me and Pushed me down.
'So Freak Where do you think your going?' He said as I fell to the ground.
The Inpact on the ground made me wake up, I Looked around In fear,
Also searching For My friend. But he was gone .'What your looking for freak?
Looking for Your Non excistand friend ?' I didnt even realize it But I have
Daydreaming and sleeping all the time . he was always there beside me.
But at that very moment he was gone. I Panicked and wanted to run away.
But the bullies Pushed me too the ground again, and then Decided to kick
me.' Know your place freak! You should Know by now that freaks like you
just sit still and listen ' The main bully said While they where all
kicking me.

'Next time we Come up to you, Just stay put and do as we say!'
He said after they were done butchering me , and left. I laid
there for a few moment, crying Wish my friend to come back, but he didnt.
I was still lucky I just Had a few bruises and bumbs. I crawled back up,
and walked out of the school , I headed home.

When I came home My parents were Home, They asked how my day was, but
i didnt react . I walked upstairs to my room without Making a sound.
I was so Shocked. I sat on my bed for hours crying .
I didnt even go down for dinner , My mom came and check on me.
She again asked if i was well , But i didnt respone. she was worried.
But decided to let it slide since it was the first time i acted like this
It was getting late and in the end I fell asleep. My dream world was
the same as ever , but I haden't seen my friend in forever it seemed.
I decided to Play on my own , and I Did till I woke up. When I woke up
He wasnt there either, I decided to go down stairs where my parents where
having breakfast. I sat down on table and said good morning to my parents.
They were relieved I said anything at all, and then asked what happened.
I told them what happened, and they held their hand infront of their mouth.
They were shocked. I asked them about My friend. then they told me something that shocked me.
They said that I never really had a friend with me. It was imaginary.

after that i ate My breakfast and went to school. I hadn't told them about
the fact that he was always there also in my dreams. Cause i didnt think any
off it. when I got To school everybody looked a bit down. I didnt know what
Happened So i didnt really care . I went to class and sat down. I felt
a little lonely. My homeroom teacher came in and sat down. he sighed,
and then stood up again and asked for our attention.
I Looked at him wierdly , was this about me getting beat up i thought back then?
But it wasn't. He told Us about That 6 Guys Where slaughterd, They went to this school.
it was a friend group who Bullied People in school. they knew each other from way back.
and their parents were really rich so the school couldnt do much about.
I realized as he told this to us That it were the same guys who beat me up the day before.
I was trilled But also Freightend. who could have done such a thing?
My homeroom teacher said that we needed to be carefull when heading out, since
they didnt had any clue On who could have done that , and what his motive was.
They Discared the revenge Motive since they were with 6 , Upper classmen.
And the people that got bullied Mostly were all alone In this .
they were unable take on 6 Strong guys all alone.

after that the class started. I sat down Looking In My book when My 'friend'suddnly appeared next to me.
I looked at him and then looked away. I was angry , Not only that I wanted to get past this
Childish Imaginary Friend.'I'm sorry i was gone yesterday ..'He said. 'I dont care , I dont want to ever see you again!'
'But.' 'Never!' the words Flew, through at my friend. He looked sad . then walked away. at that moment it felt like i lost something.

Years passed As I went through middle School , and high school. In the mean time i got new friends.
I also started getting intrest in girls ofcourse and i even had a few girlfriends.
My friends were nice and all. But they were more there fill the little lonelyness i had.
and the girlfriends I had more came after me then i after them. I was also the one to end
those relationships. Cause there was Never someone that could actually make me fall for them.

I didnt care much until i was Just drinking some coffee in a cafe, and this girl walked in.
She was Beautifull, and the moment I made eye contact It was like cupido shot me In the heart.
the girl also noticed me and came sitting on the other side of the table. She started talking and even though, i was nervous
I was able to talk back to her. we had a nice conversation , so i asked her phone number. after that we went on a few dates.
and I really fell inlove with her, and it seemed she did two. I was 18 back then,just finished High school, and i really thought we'd be together forever.

Months Passed, And I had a happy life. I got A great Job. My girlfriend Started Live with me, and everything went as amazing.
though My girlfriend has been saying That she was heaving Nightmares. Of a man My around My age. He doesnt do anything.
He just sits there watching , Saying wierd things what She couldn't understand. Time had passed since first year middleschool, and i never thought back.
So it didnt bother me at all. i thought it would fly by sooner or later. But as time passed the dreams got worse.
She told Me That He started stroking Her hair, touch her, and he even Let her run for miles while following her in the dreams. She always woke Up exausted
after the nightmare. after A few days She started Looking really tired, She stopped eating, and just sat there. I told My Boss That i wouldnt be coming to work,
Cause she wasnt well. I was by her side all the time . she was scared to be alone, even though she Didnt want to tell me her nightmares anymore. she just wanted me to be with her.
It didnt take long though . But after a few days she actually fell asleep again, it seemed she hadn't slept for long time. i stayed awake with her but since she was awake the longest
Of both of us she evantually fell asleep. I Just kept drinking coffee to stay awake. When she fell asleep I brought her to our bed room and went to sleep myself.
I didn't know then Why she was so scared.

the Next morning I woke up. The other bed side was empty, I went down stairs and saw note On the table. It said turn on the news. I followed the orders and did.
The news Was on and it was zoomed on My company where i work. It was burned Down. I looked shocked . but that wasn't all. according to the newsreporter There were diffrent things that came to it.
The boss Of the company.. appereantly He burned down the building. he even made a Blood Note On the ground Saying he Was burned down the building. because he couldnt take it anymore.
But thats not all. There was also a Body hanging On a Pole . even though she was Burned Very Much they were able to reconize who she was. Her name was Jane Mercury. I Looked shocked when i heared that name.
It was My girlfriends name! As they described her body , it seemed she was Injurded alot Before eventually dieing and burning up . She had lost both her eyes . her legs were spread Whide Open Into a form that
no human could. her arms tied to the pole into the air. Her arms got cuts very deep. also at her legs . her mouth Tied open. Just hearing these things almost Made me Puke.

I ran to the toilet and Puked. As the sound was still on i could still hear what was on the news. They switched Segements and came to an other murder/burn. They named the adress of where it happened. it was where
my parents Lived... as I was Shocked i sat down in my bathroom. I started thinking. i couldnt feel anything. i couldnt do anything. For somereason I became dizzy, I didnt notice it but i fell asleep. In the dream
I stood up and walked to the living room and sat down . The tv was off. I didnt turn it off though. It didnt matter to me either. when Suddenly My Door opened and for somereason a friendly face walked in.
It was him. My friend . My friend From so long ago. 'What are you doing here?' I asked Him. 'I have been watching you ever since then. It seemed like you needed a friend...' I looked at him and didnt say anything .
Our appearences looked the same but were opposite.

Its been a Year since that moment . I am writing this now since I am gona end My own life... I figured out what he did, and how . He could even show me every image Of what he did to my girlfriend.
i am Sorry but I just feel like writing down these details. I mean every Night she fell asleep he touched. He was there . touching Her . Raping her . Just not leaving any visible scars Since I would get worried.
But on the night she died . everything was horrible. She was asleep and was dreaming . In that dream he chased her. All the way To the company. Even though it was a dream , She was actually sleep walking there. When there She got trapped.
he used same move the bullies did back then. Only He bound her to the pole. He then thorn her Legs Back Pulled them out Of order And Making the entrance open. she woke up That moment from pain. And as she woke up she saw My boss his face.
She yelled but nobody reacted. His eyes where closed . as if he was asleep. He had in his right hand A Knife And stabbed Out Both Her Eyes out . She yelled in pain . She could Not see what was happening , BUt instead of that started inmagening
Back into her dream. My'Friend'was there He Tied her mouth wide open and dropped his own pants and started raping her mouth . she couldnt scream or yell or anything. While doing that he was cutting into her arms. After a while went on to her legs.
Stabbing her legs and belly while raping her . He made sure not to make the wounds to big so she'd die to fast. he wanted her to suffer. when he Came . Put the knife on her throught . But then stepped back. she could she him as the dream.
But in the real world the boss did the same. He Cut his hand and wrote The note Police found. then went back to her and choked her . to slowly make her suffer and die. after that He torched the entire the entire place while sitting on one place.

this is what he told me he did. I couldnt even puke. I had already Lost all My emotions. the day they all died... He had mercy on my parents though . Just killed them swiftly. He told me. He wanted us to be friends forever.
Maybe I should. Just stay Friends with him forever. Its 3 am in the morning . I am tired and i havent slept In 3 weeks. cause he's there. he wants us to be friends Like we were Before all of this. But how can i? He killed The ones I loved.
He destroyed My Great life. The life I had lived .  he.. He just... Looked out for me? Maybe i should Just go to sleep... Maybe we should play hero's again. Kill the ones who do evil. Don't you think it would be great to be Kings again?
My 'friend' Creepypasta !
So this Is My first attemt to Write A creepypasta ! I like it . Its scary , its horroring and More. Ohwell Just read it and tell me what you think ^^

Please come and check me out
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